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Getting started is easy.  Give us a call at 615-861-1000 or drop us an email.  We will ask you a few quick questions to see if there are any safety considerations that need to be addressed before further evaluation can continue.  If there are none, we will send you via email or regular mail a form to fill out to bring to your appointment where further evaluation will be conducted and all questions regarding TMS and treatment will be answered.  While the phone is an appropriate venue to answer a few cursory questions, we believe in the value of a face to face meeting to properly explain the workings and benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, the process of obtaining treatment, cost, and the relevant data as it pertains to you. Please bring a loved one with you to “Step Two,” the initial evaluation.

Meet With Dr. Barton

A face to face evaluation will be scheduled with you and the psychiatrist on staff to discuss TMS.  You should set aside 2 to 2.5 hours for this visit.  Please also remember to bring a loved one to this appointment. Dr. Barton will review your symptoms, medications and treatment history.
It is the goal of this evaluation to determine if TMS Therapy is a modality that is appropriate for you, and if so, if it a modality that you wish to engage in.  It is also the goal of the initial evaluation to answer any questions regarding treatment that you or your loved one might have.  If we are not able to answer it at the time of the appointment, we will investigate to rapidly get you the answer/ research/ or information that you are requesting.  All matters related to cost and finance will also be covered at this meeting with the clinic director. ****

Once all questions and matters related to receiving treatment have been addressed, Dr. Barton and his staff will begin by familiarizing you with the device and measuring certain parameters necessary to initiate treatment.  Time permitting, you will receive your first course of TMS Therapy.

TMS does not require anesthesia, is non-invasive and you will be awake and able to read, listen to music, or watch TV during the TMS session. The magnetic pulses create a small tapping sensation and you may have some mild discomfort to the treatment area for the first two to three sessions, which quickly dissipates. After your TMS treatment, you may resume any and all of your normal daily activities without any restrictions.

You may experience a mild headache or some mild irritation of the scalp at the site of treatment.  These symptoms typically subside after the first day or two, and can be easily treated with simple analgesics such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil).

*** Of importance is that beginning in January 2013, Medicare is beginning to cover TMS Therapy in certain circumstances.  In the modern health care environment, private insurance companies traditionally follow in a rapid manner the reimbursement patterns of Medicare.  The psychiatrist and staff at the Tennesssee TMS Center are dedicated to assisting you in obtaining reimbursement for your treatment.  In addition to our own efforts, we are partnered in this area with a dedicated reimbursement division at Neuronetics, the company responsible for the development of the TMS device used in our office.  Also to note is that Dr. Barton is dedicated to patients getting better, and is offering a “treatment scholarship” to help assist in some portion of the cost in obtaining TMS treatment.  Please inquire at the time of meeting with the clinic director to see whether you or your loved one is eligible for this scholarship.

Start Your Nashville TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy at our Nashville TMS location lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.  It occurs five times a week for approximately 6 weeks. Our staff will work with you to try to find a time in your schedule that works for you to receive TMS Therapy.   As with the treatment of any mental health issue, your condition will be evaluated and followed throughout the course of therapy.  Consequently, treatments sometimes vary in length based on your progress to go beyond or stop before the average treatment length of six weeks.  If you are not a patient of Dr. Barton’s, our psychiatrist or staff will communicate with your referring clinician to keep them informed of your progress during the course of treatment.

Please download and fill out the following forms prior to meeting with us:
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