About Us

Our Nashville TMS clinic consists of professionals who are trained and certified in delivering TMS therapy to patients.

Daniel Barton, M.D.

Medical Director

My name is Daniel Barton and I come from a long line of “Bartons” that have cared for the mental health needs of Nashvillians for over 3 decades. My father is a psychiatrist and educator, and one of the three founders of Alive Hospice.  My mom is a clinical social worker, marital therapist, who along with a few colleagues, was responsible for bringing the mediation movement to the state of Tennessee.  My brother practices psychiatry in Nashville as well.  I am honored to carry on this tradition by sitting on the frontier of a new and exciting chapter in psychiatry and being one of the few psychiatrists in the area chosen to offer TMS to the Nashville community.
My journey here has taken me through Tulane University for my undergraduate education, The University of Tennessee, Memphis for medical School, Harvard University for my Adult Psychiatry training and back down to New Orleans where I completed an additional Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  …And then there was this little storm named Katrina that gently encouraged me to return home to Nashville.

I now share time between my private practice,  the Tennessee TMS Center, and of course my beautiful wife and always well behaved, never a problem what-so-ever two children.


Melissa Hayes

Clinic Director

Born and raised just north of Atlanta, Georgia, Melissa moved to Tennessee with her family in 2003.
After graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Melissa worked in the music industry as a personal assistant. After several years, she took a break from the hustle of the music business and blogged about music and her personal life, which led to more opportunities to pursue her passion for writing. Prior to joining Tennessee TMS, she worked as a cosmetic and marketing coordinator for a dermatology practice. Her desire for more direct patient interaction brought her to Tennessee TMS.
Melissa loves spending time with her family. When not working, she can usually be found reading a book, perusing newly added documentaries on Netflix, or working on her first novel.

Jewel Heinze

Treatment Clinician

Jewel Heinze grew up splitting her time between Florida and Mississippi. During college she became fascinated with psychology and interned at the Sidney Lanier School working with autistic children as well as running several after-school acting programs for at risk kids. After graduating college she found herself called to Nashville to pursue her love of writing and music. However dreams don’t pay the bills so she took a job working as a medical receptionist and quickly fell in love with patient care. Jewel’s journey into patient care eventually lead her to Hinz Family Chiropractic where she worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for a year before moving into the position of Marketing Director. She is now using her experiences to help change the lives of those at the Tennessee TMS Center.

4414 Westlawn Drive

Where the Magic Happens

4414 Westlawn Drive, or The House of Healing as it has become to be known, has been an integral part of the Tennessee TMS Center.  Having been built in the 1920’s, it served as a single family residence for much of its life. Its initial resident grew old in the home until the upkeep eventually became too much for her to tend to.  At that time, a neighbor bought the property and began to use it as rental property.  Over the years, the property had fallen into severe disrepair.  It had no central air or heat, holes between the main floor and the basement, as well as between the ceiling and the attic space.  There was plumbing that didn’t always work, cracked windows, and drafts that went unopposed from one side of the house to the other in the winter time.Read More »